Thursday, 24 March 2011

Polls point to some troubling numbers for the Conservatives

Conservatives hold a tentative lead in polls, Nik Nanos | Oye! Times
* As a voter priority, the economy has fallen to its lowest level since the recession began. With the economy the supposed strong topic for the Conservatives (though I don't know why the MSM feels it is - the Harper government has broken all records for economic MIS-management), this weakens their standing.
* We care more about good government now than economic management
* The majority agree that now is not a good time to buy the F-35 fighter jets (for a price tag of $16 to $30 billion)
* A majority of Conservative voters oppose the acquisition of the F-35s
* 75% of the undecided voters oppose the acquisition of the F-35s
* Harris-Decima polling in the last months shows a slow but steady decline in the Conservative lead over the Liberals

Add to this the CARP polls showing seniors' support for the Conservatives plummeting, and it adds up to signs that their support may be about to fall out from under them. With these trends, they won't be getting a majority, let alone a minority.

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