Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ford's lackey Ootes balks at doing his job as directed

Editorial: Double-dipping at city hall -

What shouldn’t be left to his discretion is whether to do his job as
instructed by city council. In published comments Thursday, Ootes said
it did not make sense for him to approve every invoice over $1,000 at
the housing authority. It would take too much of his time.

But city council voted 22-21 last week to have the community
housing board — now represented by the interim managing director — sign
off on all such expenses. Ootes can’t expect to take the public’s money
and then refuse to do the public’s bidding, through its elected
representatives. He, of all people, should know better.

Ootes’s behavior shows that, even in Ford’s administration, there’s
gravy to be had at Toronto City Hall. Yes, $25,000 is just a few drops
compared to the heavily loaded “gravy train” that Ford expects to find.
But people scooping even small amounts should, at least, do their job
according to the dictates of city council.

That's why there needs to be a board of duly elected members, not just one person appointed by the Mayor. A board could handle the workload. Ford bypassed proper procedure to un-democratically dismantle a democratically elected board and replace it with one person. Now there is NO representation for the tenants, and the one person doesn't want to do his job as directed by our democratically elected city council.

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