Thursday 24 March 2011

Canadian governments who fall to a non-confidence motion, have usually been defeated in the ensuing election

Impolitical: Harper's big risk
There is also some history here, which may be instructive. Saw this on
Twitter last night, which may be subject to verification:

fact from friend- no government that has been defeated on confidence
vote has won the resulting election - except Trudeau in 74.
Martin 2005 lost election Clark 1979 lost elxn Trudeau 1974 won elxn
Diefenbaker 1963 lost elxn Meighen 1926 lost election.
There is something intangible in the motion that brings defeat and its result that the Conservatives may be underestimating.


doconnor said...

I remember reading that 2005 was the first time that a Canadian federal government had fallen on an actual non-confidence motion. All the other times where budget, supply or speeches from the throne.

Thor said...

Those are all automatic confidence motions by the government. And, they were motions that failed, so they are called non-confidence.