Wednesday 8 June 2011

Even Ford's budget chief says Rob's math is hurting Toronto

Don’t kill land transfer tax, budget chair advises -
Isn't it curious? All those people bad-mouthing David Miller and his governance of Toronto. Yet, Miller managed the finances well and ended up with a surplus.
Now, those who bath-mouthed Miller have their stooge Rob Ford in office. And Rob has totally screwed up the city finances. First he cuts large revenues for the city, and now he is facing a large deficit of his own doing. Do we hear them bad-mouthing Ford. No. Hypocrites. I'd love to say you get what you deserve, but I, and other reasonable-minded people live in Toronto too. Maybe now some of Ford's fawning drooling lackies on council will begin to realize that voting for everything the mayor tells them to vote for might not be such a good idea.

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