Thursday, 9 June 2011

Looters in Suits (The Harper Conservative government) outed - again. G8 Spending.

Ministers didn't follow policies for G8 spending: AG - Politics - CBC News
The report shows that the Conservatives spent money in their ridings ignoring their own guidelines and transparency, and without reason, basically looting from government funds to buy votes in their ridings.

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Toronto Star: Conservatives misled Parliament over G8 costs: Auditor General


Anonymous said...

They are 'blaming' the mayors. Stupendously stupid. But with no paper trail doesn't that make the Cons an organized crime group?
The real kick in the pants is they are saying to all of us, suck it up, that's the way we do business, if you don't like it, too bad. Of course I do wonder about the reluctant Con voter; this report purposely was manipulated to not come out before the election. So suck that up too and expect 4, no 8 more years of it. Viva DePape!

Kirbycairo said...

Organized crime is exactly what it is. Unfortunately there are many occasions in which countries have been taken over by criminal organizations. And thanks to our twisted rules they can do so with a small percentage of the population. And to make matters worse, their supporters are so hypocritical that they don't care if their government is corrupt and criminal, as long as it is right-wing.

At some point the people will need to rise up and take back the country by force if necessary.