Thursday 9 June 2011

Ontario NDP would cap gas prices

New Democrats will stop price gouging at the pump: Horwath « Ontario NDP
An NDP government in Ontario would set weekly price caps on the cost of gasoline.

Five provinces and many U.S. states have some sort of price cap on gasoline. The benefits have resulted in reduced price volatility, competition and efficiency, and eliminated opportunistic price gouging.


Mark Richard Francis said...

It should be expensive to drive a car. If gas is going up, stop driving. Policies like this are amount to subsidizing car use via environmental degradation. It encourages people to hang onto an increasingly non-viable means of common transport.

susansmith said...

well Mark obviously you live and work in urban - tell me what those who live and work in rural should do? No transportation or little that would be relevant.

And if you suggest that we all should move to urban centres, perhaps you might consider who will be there to feed your city, and provide you with consistent sources of power generation?