Friday, 3 June 2011

Brigette DePape reminds us of our duty

Some people are upset with the protest in the Senate by Senate page Brigette DePape.
The issue is not when and where and how she protested (in the Senate in the middle of the Throne Speech). The issue is that the Canada that we value and have worked hard to put together and improve is at stake. The electoral system has failed us. 40% of those who voted, a minority, voted for the Conservatives. And, of all the eligible voters, this only represents 24%. With support of only 24% of Canadian voters, we now have a Conservative majority
government that is hell-bent on dismantling our country. Make no mistake - their clear goal is nothing but to loot our country and dismantle all that we value and have worked for.

This calls for drastic measures by the Canadian public to bring more attention to what is at stake, and to put pressure on the Conservative government to not follow through with their plan of destruction, but to properly govern and represent the majority in their policies and actions.

Brigette reminded us today of our duty.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Update: - Behind DePape's protest, a question: "What will change things, then?"


Anthony Hill said...

I agree, Under this regime we are going to lose our country and therefore drastic measures are needed to protect Canada.

Anonymous said...

Only three times in our history has a single party had the popular vote to gain a majority. Harper like many liberal leaders before him won the rule of the house without the popular vote.
Popular vote style democracies do not lend to a more effective democracy. Often like in our system no one party gains the popular vote, this leads to various coalitions in an attempt at efficiency in passing bills which can yield relatively small fringe parties with tremendous amounts of power, still not a realization of a perfect democracy. Our electoral system may not be perfect but has served this country well in the context of the world. We enjoy liberties most in this world only dream about. This young woman's views are wonderful in that she is free to make them, free to shout them, free to publish them. However, during the throne speech her actions where an affront to the decency and dignity of our democracy.