Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sun News reporter's conduct results in thousands of complaints

Complaints over Sun News interview overwhelm watchdog - The Globe and Mail
No surprise here.

Excerpt from article:

Viewers have sent in more than 4,350 complaints since the interview aired on the Sun News program Canada Live on June 1. The CBSC receives on average 2,000 complaints in total in any given year.

Erickson challenged Ms. Gillis to explain why artists like her deserve
public funding. The host shouted over many of her answers, and later
criticized Ms. Gillis for commenting in a different interview that
society has become less compassionate.

“I personally take
exception, and I know some of my colleagues do as well, to your
assertion that we are lacking in compassion when we have lost more than
150 soldiers who have served in Afghanistan, who have put their lives on
the line,” Ms. Erickson told her. “Which is frankly, quite a serious
business, okay, compared with people who are dancing on a stage. I just
don’t get where you get off suggesting that we are lacking in

The council has a code of ethics governing Canadian
broadcasters, which includes a clause requiring “full, fair and proper
presentation of news, opinion, comment and editorial.” That clause is
likely to be at issue in this process, said Ron Cohen, the CBSC’s
national chair.

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