Sunday, 5 June 2011

Why Do The Poor Continue To Defend Tax Breaks for the Rich?

Why do the Poor Continue to Defend tax Breaks for the Rich
Great post by Cory McCray. This applies to Canadians too.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why there is always a financially
struggling college kid, a low wage worker, or a middle class citizen
that feel as though they have to go out of their way to defend tax
breaks for the rich. At least once a month I find one person that wants
to argue against their own interest and it continues to baffle me.

Their argument is always that government can’t tax or has to cut
taxes for large corporations or millionaires so that they can invest in
the economy and create jobs. My first question for them is “Have you ever heard of General Electric?”
Here is a corporation that paid zero dollars ($0.00) in corporate
taxes, and received a tax benefit of 3.2 billion dollars. In addition,
they are still shipping American jobs overseas. General Electric has
over 300 tax lawyers that help them evade paying taxes and find every
corporate loophole known to man. They do not need another lobbyist that
is paycheck “free”. The people that need to be heard or need lobbyist
are the middleclass
that had to almost give up their right arm for a tax break, the federal
workers who are receiving a two year freeze in pay, and the state
workers that have been taking furlough days for the last four years.
Those are the people that need to be represented and have their voices

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