Friday 20 May 2011

Conservatives, I mean "Looters in Suits", continue with their plan - theft on a national scale

Montreal Simon: Tony Clement and the Chainsaw Massacre
And that's the Con plan. Right out of the Republican manual. First you waste billions on gazebos, prisons and fancy jet planes. Then you cut the GST and corporate taxes and starve the government of money.

Then when the deficit balloons, you say we can't afford government, and chainsaw it to the bloody bone. Which is what the Cons wanted to do in the first place. So they can turn this country into a jungle, and turn us all into slaves of Big Business.

See also
Harper's Plan
This was written in Jan 2010, but it shows how the looters in suits were working their plan all along. The fact that they had a minority government slowed them down a bit, but now that they have a majority, they plan to decimate the social programs (including healthcare) that make Canada, well, Canada.

Remember, the Cons are not here to govern. They have proven they are incompetent at that and they don't care about that. They are here to loot the country, to take our/your money and give it to themselves and their rich and powerful friends - theft on a national scale. Anyone who thinks they are here to govern is gravely mistaken.

Peace, order and good government, eh? - The real danger of Conservative government

But beyond all that, the bottom line for me
is that these Conservatives are basically bad at governing. They have
no interest in or respect for governance as a concept.

It's partly that they don't

think government should be doing most things it does in the first place.
And it's partly that even to the extent they acknowledge government
might have a role, that's not what they're there for--the basic purpose
of modern Conservatives is to defeat enemies and amass power and wealth
for themselves and the class they identify with. Presented with a lever
of power, that's what their instincts say it's there for. So they just
basically have no patience for careful policy-making or administration
with an eye to the public good.

And, Pogge's comment below that says it all so succinctly:

they react according to their instincts and ideas about what it is to be in government

"To wit, they're not public servants; they're looters in suits and ties."

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Kirbycairo said...

This sums it up, and it is what Conservative governments have generally been everywhere and at all times. I just have never been able to understand why more people don't understand this very basic political reality.