Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Coward Thug Harper Appoints More Failures To The Senate

PM rewards three defeated Conservatives with Senate seats - The Globe and Mail
How to become a senator under Harper? Show that the people don't want you to represent them. Another way Harper shows his contempt for the Canadian people.

Stephen Harper wasted no time in bringing back three defeated
, appointing former Quebec cabinet minister Josée Verner to
the Senate
and reappointing Larry Smith and Fabian Manning.

after he finished answering questions from reporters about his cabinet
shuffle, the Prime Minister’s Office sent out a release announcing the
three appointments. So Mr. Harper did not have to address the issue in

Buckdog: NO Possibility Of Democratic Reform Under Harper Regime

Canada's new senators

"Mr. Harper talks about Senate reform but he's doing things in the
same old way, in fact even worse. He's taking people who have been
defeated, who have been rejected by voters. You should earn your place
in the Senate and if you can't get elected, you shouldn't be appointed
to the Senate two weeks later."

Jack Layton

Leader of the Official Opposition

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Zorpheous said...

Jebus Fraking Cripsy,... wasn't Raging PMS all for an elected Senate and Senate Reform and at the bear, minimum appointing people who had passed some sort of electoral process when possible. Now he is appoint people whom the People of Canada have CLREARLY REJECTED Well, we can add this to Raging PMS's stack of lies and hypocrisies.