Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Canada's Cold New Dawn

Canada's cold new dawn | Heather Mallick | Comment is free | The Guardian
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Harper's Conservatives will pass an omnibus law and order bill within
100 days to make jail sentences mandatory for many offences, and begin
building super-jails, copying a system that even its authors, the
Americans, have begun to abandon. The huge purchase of fighter jets from
Lockheed Martin, which was an election issue, will now go ahead –
Harper says it will cost $9bn, government auditors say $39bn – as will
massive military shipbuilding.

The Evangelist Christian right is
at the heart of Harper's Conservative party, and after years of being
shushed, it will now demand an end to a number of things, including
abortion rights. Canada has no law against abortions, and they are
available free.

Corporate taxes will be cut almost immediately,
Bush-style. Political financing laws will change – parties now get money
for each vote – but this will end under the Conservatives, who will
have a huge advantage in terms of the amount they can solicit in
corporate donations.

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