Friday, 6 May 2011

Conservative government to make many blogs illegal

DAMMIT JANET!: Are the 'Speechies' Right, er, Correct?
Many bloggers use pseudonyms to blog about political issues.
The Conservatives want to will make this illegal.
Read the above link and the excerpt below:
Look very carefully at the wording of Clause 11 above. The key word is
“and” which follows the words in bold text (text not bold in original
document). It would be bad enough if the new law proposed making it an
additional offense to use a false name (an internet alias) “while”
“sending false information, indecent remarks or “harassing” messages”,
like using a firearm in the commission of a robbery, but this wording
makes “sending a message using a false name” a stand alone crime. Think
long and hard about the implications and dangers of this part of this
proposed bill.

Where are internet aliases most commonly used by
Canadians today? They are almost universally used in internet forums,
bloggers' comments sections, and comment sections of other websites.
This law will make using an alias a crime. It is not likely they will
try to prosecute everyone using an alias online but it will give the
government the means to identify and criminalize anyone who writes
anything the government disapproves of. Imagine an internet where
Canadians were forbidden by law to speak anonymously.

Currently in Canada, most of the mainstream media is supportive of the Conservative agenda (and has been for decades) and consistently misleads the public on any topics about the Conservative Agenda or anything about those who oppose this agenda. One of the main alternatives to the mainstream media are on-line alternative media and blogs. Blogs that investigate the truth and offer alternative views to the MSM are often written by people who use pseudonyms. The Conservative plan is to basically outlaw these bloggers, cutting to the heart of those who offer a differing voice on the news of the day.

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