Sunday 29 May 2011

Rob Ford's lies and bad math catching up to him

Road toll ‘reality check’ stirs up Toronto council -
Rob Ford reduced the city income, cancelled a cross-city fully-funded transit plan and then expected to pay for his subway dream with what? In his campaign promises his math was obviously lacking. So was the math of the denizens of the suburbs. Now, when Rob promised no new taxes, tolls or congestion charges, we are to see new taxes, tolls and congestion charges. People with any math skills knew that his plan would cost the citizens of Toronto a lot more money. Unfortunately, we are saddled with this dolt who is royally screwing the finances of the city. Welcome to Ford Nation.

Can I have my old Toronto back please. Oh, sorry, we have to wait until next election before we can get rid of this idiot and his drooling followers who vote to support his destruction. Maybe you people who voted for Rob and are now seeing what a mess he is making could start putting pressure on your councillors, and call Rob (you know, he is supposed to be good at returning his calls - but not to the Toronto Star or any citizens with a beef with his policies), and let him know that his plans stink and to please stop destroying Toronto.

Read the link. Shake head. Make the call.

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