Friday, 6 May 2011

Rob Ford - more for the I-Told-You-So department

Ford's costly police deal a 'rookie mistake,' critics say -
Rob Ford has given the police a generous salary hike. By not negotiating a better deal for the city, Ford has set a very dangerous precedent for future negotiations with other groups, especially the newly-made-essential-service TTC workers.

People were warned that Rob Ford was not good with math, but, they didn't listen. We had a surplus with David Miller. With Rob Ford we already have a deficit and a growing debt thanks to Rob Ford's gravy train of bad economics.


“This is going to drive every single essential service contract in
the city. The city has said it can afford to pay 3 per cent a year. Not
only are the firefighters going to get it, but who else is going to now
that they’re an essential service? The TTC,” said left-wing councillor
Adam Vaughan.

“This will have a ripple through the largest employee groups in the city.”

The TTC contract expired in March within days of the province
declaring the system an essential service. Negotiations are underway,
but if an agreement can’t be reached, the system’s newfound essential
status means it would be sent to a provincial arbitrator.

That arbitrator now has an expensive precedent in the police contract to use as a comparable, said Vaughan.

The proposed police contract, which has not yet been ratified, would add more than $20 million annually to the bottom line.

If a similar award was given to the TTC’s 9,000 unionized employees, the annual financial impact would be around $25 million.

Rob Ford's Gravy Train addition: $50 million.


doconnor said...

"People were warned that Rob Ford was not good with math"

Actually I saw a debate with he basically admitted to not understanding large numbers.

Kirbycairo said...

All I can say is Ha Ha. The Ford administration will be another in a long line of proofs that right-wingers, despite their claims, make bigger governments with larger debts. How long will they be able to maintain this image of 'fiscal responsibility?'