Sunday 22 May 2011

Actually Stephen, the taxpayers dollars go to the parties they support.

Budget will mean curtains for party funds: minister | iPolitics
Stephen Harper is lying to the public, again. He is trying to make you think that you are funding parties you don't support. Well, you don't.
Currently, political parties receive $2 annually per vote they received in the last election. So, this money is divided DIRECTLY PROPORTIONATELY to the voter/taxpayer support the party received. Your money goes to the party you voted for. Simple and direct.

If you didn't vote, sucks to be you for helping to elect the thug party which now rules. You could have helped to change things, but now you don't matter (until next election - that is, if you actually vote next election).

The Conservative Party wants to remove (and they will now) this direct proportional representation of the voter/taxpayer and replace it with a system that will make it easier for large wealthy groups to BUY the election - in other words, to regress to a less fair and definitely not a representative system - to make it so only the party able to accumulate the most wealth will win - like in the USA. We will get a less fair, less representative and more corrupt system.

Shouldn't elections be about what YOU, the voter/the taxpayer, want and not what large corporations want?


Sixth Estate said...

I wish the media could be honest on this. They're NOT ENDING POLITICAL SUBSIDIES. Sheesh.

They are ending the per-vote subsidy, and you're right, that "subsidy" is the most equitable way of directing public funds to political parties supported by voters.

rww said...

that's just another inconvenient truth that those that want voting to become like shopping and election victories going to whoever has the best marketing campaign choose to ignore