Friday 29 July 2011

Hey, Mayor Mud! I want my vote back!

Toronto News: James: A thousand times no -
For those who couldn't or wouldn't see the writing on the wall during the election campaign, and ended up believing Rob Ford's promises and voted for him, many now want their votes back.

Ford said he could find billions in savings (from money being wasted at City Hall), and he guaranteed that no services would be cut. Ford becomes mayor and instantly cuts about $300 million yearly income for the city. KPMG, hired by Ford, has found that no money was being wasted. So, instead of looking to fix the revenue problem he created, Rob Ford is going after the services he guaranteed to not cut. People who voted for him are beginning to realize they will be affected by these service cuts and are starting to cry foul. If only these people had read the label before buying the product.

Decisions about further cuts have been deferred until the next meeting in September.

People, it's time to start pressuring your councillors to stop the blundering Ford Nation steamroller.

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ck said...

It's good ol' fashioned greed and tea-party styled propoganda being fed on talk radio by the likes of Redneck Ryan Doyle, Jerry Agar and their ilk.

Here in Montreal, we have Tea-party Tommy Schnurmacher who tells listeners that taxes mean 'robbing' the population. Thieves.

People don't want to pay taxes today. Pure and simple. They all say they're willing to be rid of services. They're ga ga giddy about it, even. Told by their favourite tea-party redneck talk radio hosts and those of sun media that 'entitlements' must end, but by gosh, you're going to luv it! Why? Because entitlements take away freedom! And other insanity.

I live in Montreal, so I'm on the outside looking in, but from where I'm sitting, I'd bet you anything those who voted for Ford knew that service cuts were coming and actually relished the idea of being unshackled from the 'entitlements' that restrict the freedom of personal responsibility. They relished it, while it was an abstract concept. They started panicking when the concept started becoming a reality.

I would be curious to see what the reaction would be when Harper starts to claw back what we all knew, like employment insurance, universal health care and pensions.

The sad thing is, that here in North America, folks are inherently greedy to the point of willingly jumping to a too good to be true deal. Anybody running for office who promises tax cuts, will continue to get the votes. All they will hear and see are tax cuts and they won't read the fine print. Remember Einstein's definition of insanity--doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.