Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rob Ford Must Go - Campaign to Impeach Mayor Ford

Rob Ford Must Go - Campaign to Impeach Mayor Ford - Petition Online Canada
Rob Ford definitely won't be impeached due to this petition (I don't think the mayor can be impeached. I think he can be removed from office if he breaks certain laws - see Oh, suddenly Rob Ford DOES have something to hide), but it might bring more attention to his ineptitude and raise the awareness of some of those who voted for him.


cherrybomb said...

That is exactly why I started this raise awareness. At 10k signatures I will bring it to city hall and invite all who signed to join me.

Cheers - jenn hobbs

BT Lastman said...

It's not possible to impeach a Mayor. We didn't even try to "impeach" Lastman. So is Ford better or worse than Lastman?


Thor said...

There is no comparison. In 9 months, Ford has been way worse that Lastman was during his whole term in office.