Saturday, 9 July 2011

Rob Ford does not compute

Ford’s expenses report questioned in complaint -
One way for politicians to cover up bribes would be to funnel those bribes into paying for expenses and not keep track of those expenses or where the money came from. This is one of the reasons that city councillors have to keep track of their expenses even if they pay for the expenses from their own money.

Rob Ford didn't keep track of these expenses when he was a councillor, and now he is not keeping track as the mayor. He didn't follow the rules for his campaign expenses either.  I guess he figures that the people who voted him into office, since they knew he had bad math skills and that he was never accountable for his personally paid expenses in the past, won't care.

Ford is proving to be terrible with the City's finances. It stands to reason he would be bad with his own accounting too.

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