Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Rob Ford supporters never paid attention

Mapping Toronto's Wellbeing - Torontoist
Okay, first, no one is surprised that they didn't and don't pay attention.

Here is a smoking gun of inattentiveness:
Scroll down to "Overcrowded TTC Routes". Notice that the most overcrowded public transit routes are in the heartland of Ford Nation - Mainly Northern Etobicoke, but also in South Etobicoke, NW North York and in Scarborough. The worst overcrowding being in Northern Etobicoke.

These people voted AGAINST building the already planned and budgeted Transit City rapid transit routes into these overcrowded areas. I guess they must love poor public transit service, because Ford said (and he has since done) he would take away the already budgeted Transit City plan that would have given these areas vastly improved public transit.

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