Tuesday 12 July 2011

Hey Rob! Cutting these will result in higher costs down the road and result in insignificant savings

All Aboard the Gravy Train: Business, Culture, Employment, Medical Supplies - Torontoist
Cutting these services (listed at the link) will result in higher costs for Toronto in the future. And, they won't amount to much savings for Toronto. It would make more sense financially to
- put back the land transfer tax and the vehicle registration fees
- have left Transit City (which was fully budgeted) alone instead of cancelling it (thus incurring large $ penalties), and planning a very costly, un-budgeted and un-financed, subway extension (that will service far fewer people than Transit City routes would have serviced)
- stop paying consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars for reports like this that tell council things they already knew.

But, we have Rob Ford for a mayor - onward to destruction!

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