Saturday 30 July 2011

Ontario NDP still rising in the polls

Hudak’s lead shrinks, poll shows -

All the polls since Jan. 2011 have shown the Ontario NDP steadily rising (Nanos, Ipsos, Forum) from a low of 13% in January, to a high, so far, of 24% in the latest Forum Research poll.
Latest Forum Research poll July 26-27, 2011 with 2,256 Ontarians.

The NDP are closing in on the Liberals (at 28%), and the PCs have dropped to 38%.

Leader approval ratings:
Andrea Horwath: 63% (rising)
Tim Hudak: 49% (dropping)
Dalton McGuinty: 39% (rising)

Leader disapproval ratings:
McGuinty: 61% (dropping)
Hudak: 51% (rising)
Horwath: 37% (dropping)

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Skinny Dipper said...

I do find Andrea Horwath to be articulate. She will give both McGuinty and Hudak a run for the money.