Sunday, 17 January 2010

Are you so superficial that you only vote for the most charismatic leader?

One argument, regarding current Canadian politics and the reason why someone voted for Harper, that I bump into often (usually from Internet trolls) is that there is no one else to vote for. Are you so superficial that you only vote for who you see as the most charismatic leader? What about their party policies, ideals and values? What about their plan?

If the plan of one party was to destroy Canada as we know it and replace it with a bad dream from George Bush's head, and that party had, in your view, the most charismatic leader, would you vote for that party? But, I believe I waste my time as you probably don't even know the word charismatic.

I think this is how Harper got some of his votes. Yes, it is too bad that some of the electorate are as dumb as stumps and proud of it! But there will always be this group no matter how much we try to promote book learnin'.

The only group of people who have benefited, or will benefit from Harper's plan are the wealthy - period. So, if you are wealthy and dis-compassionate and don't care about other humans or the environment or the future of this country or life in general, then Harper is who you vote for. But, I don't think this group is as big as 30% of the Canadian electorate. Maybe 1% if that. So, that leaves the other 29%. Who are they? Why did they vote for Harper? They must be people, like those mentioned above, who aren't intelligent enough to know better. They are duped by the Tory-supporting MSM. They are duped by campaign promises, and even vote again for a party that obviously lied in the last election campaign.

If you are part of this group and feel offended by what I have written, then there is hope for you. Only the truly evil or stupid would not be offended if they are part of this group. For those of you who are, do some research and find out the truth behind the man behind the curtain (Harper).

Here are some links to get you started:

And visit the Facebook group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament
They aren't really against prorogation. They are against this particular recent prorogation, which was done for completely selfish reasons and not any responsible-to-Canada reason.

Educate yourself before you vote next time. Don't vote for who the media says is a winner. Don't vote for who has the nicest sweater. Vote for a party that truly represents your views and ideals. And read between the lines, get a second opinion.

Here is a good site for alternative news and views in Canada:

And if you are war supporter, especially a supporter of going to war or killing people for no good reason, you are in the wrong country. Canadians, the majority of Canadians, support peacekeeping, not war-making. War is not a game, like hockey or football. It is serious. People get killed - hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians like you and me - in war. And they don't come back to life (like in video games). Think about the consequences before you say things like At least Harper is beefing up our military. Ask yourself - what for? Why is the current government pumping a lot of money into killing people in another country that never threatened us or our way of life? The answer is not for what the mainstream media is telling you - to give Afghanistan a democracy - that has been proven to be untrue time and again.

I guess I left one group out of who supports people like Harper and his party in elections - couch mass murderers. I would hope there are not too many of them in Canada.

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