Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tories drop in the polls and protests over prorogation go international

Conservatives on 'razor’s edge of losing government' - The Globe and Mail
The organizers of the anti-prorogation rallies planned for Jan. 23 are now saying there will be rallies in London, England, and New York. There is also the possibility of an anti-prorogation demonstration in Los Angeles.

Jonathan Allan, the spokesperson for the rallies that were inspired by the anti-prorogation Facebook group, is boldly predicting huge turnout. “As we enter the second decade of the 21st century and become exposed to the whims of an unaccountable government, we are legitimately confident that these rallies, including the ones in Ottawa and Toronto, will be among the largest independent political protests in years,” he told The Globe in an email, noting that it’s a non-partisan effort.

“We have rebuked all assistance from opposition parties; this is an entirely grassroots organized event,” he writes. “We, as the citizens of Canada, are demanding that the elected representatives of our Parliament return to work immediately – if not in the House of Commons, at least within the context of the parliamentary inquiry into the government’s complicity in torture and war crimes.”

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