Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Release the documents if you think Canadian's won't notice or care

If no one cares about detainee issue, Mr Harper, then release the uncensored documents « Scott's DiaTribes

Harper came out on his CBC interview with Peter Mansbridge tonight claiming that the Canadian public “don’t care” about the issue.

Well, Mr Harper, if people don’t care, then there should be no reason for you to not hand over the documents to Parliament and by proxy the Afghanistan Committee – as voted on and ordered by Parliament (as you’re eventually going to have to anyhow, I predict).

One of the top issue in my mind these days is that Harper prorogued our parliament in order to cover up his wrong-doings regarding detainees in Afghanistan.
Richard Nixon had documentation shredded to cover up his wrong-doings. Harper shut down the country's government to cover up his wrong-doings. I think people have noticed this right away, and it is going to become the biggest albatross for Harper yet. What a dum-ass Harpo is.

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