Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Harper thinks Canadians don't care that their prime minister is a war criminal


Sofia said...

nice post

DJN said...

It would be interesting if the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament adopted "don't care? then show us the documents!" as a secondary slogan. Too bad the opposition parties are too dumb to do that (I'd love for them to prove me otherwise, I would, but boy have they sucked in their response, eh?)

Thor said...

DJN - I agree, the opposition leaders' responses have been lame to non-existent. But then again, the MSM's coverage of this has been lame to non-existent, so maybe the opposition leaders HAVE been responding, but the MSM is just not publishing the responses.

It seems Iggy has said he will do something along the lines of getting the Liberals working Jan 25th (when parliament was supposed to get back to work). I'm sure the other leaders will have similar responses soon.

I think Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament's membership will snowball (over 56,000 at this point and steadily growing) and help Canadians wake up and force this issue to the forefront. I would love to see this be the issue that eventually creates an actual coalition government.