Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cherry's "pinko" speech sets the tone of Ford administration

Cherry’s “pinko” speech sets the tone of Ford administration |

Before Grapes could stand and deliver, he got his game face on by
noting that he was happy to see the ass-end of the artsy elites and it
was time for some lunch-pail, blue collar workers to run Toronto.

Cherry and Ford are millionaires. Hardly blue-collar but every inch the elite.

In today's speech to City Council
(go to the 38 minute mark to see Cherry), Cherry actually outdid
himself. He wore one of his garish suits. This one resembling satin
sheets from a 19th century bordello. Fitting.

He used the word "pinko", a term as outdated as Cherry, four times.
He said he was wearing "pinko" for "all the pinkos out there that ride
bicycles and everything." Then he referred to left-wing pinko newspapers
and left-wing pinkos who oppose Ford (unlike Ford, at least he didn't
call anyone a "right-wing communist bastard").

Cherry finished his crazed, incomprehensible diatribe with the classy: "put that in your pipe you left-wing kooks."

This will be news for a few days as Torontonians and Toronto media
attempt to figure out what happened to this city. One day we had a man
who was Harvard-educated and well-spoken, now we have a Mayor who
struggled with polysyllabic words during his swearing-in and thought
Cherry a wise choice to deliver an address to the opening of council.

But I'm pleased, in a schadenfreude way, that Cherry got to shine in
all his troglodytic glory. He has set the tone of the Ford years. Where
all who disagree with Ford's misstep du jour will be labeled a kook and
any time the media scrutinizes a Ford decision, they will be derided as
pinko left-wing newspapers (never mind the MSM is not remotely left-wing
and never has been).

In a meandering three-minute stand-up routine, Cherry neatly
expressed the rigid ideology of Ford and his cronies. The loathing they
feel toward anyone who questions or protests or criticizes.

Toronto, we are the nerds and city council is run by the football
team and for four years they're going to punch us in the gut, steal our
lunch money, and stuff us in a locker.

Transcription of Don Cherry's speech

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