Thursday 2 December 2010

OCAP challenges the Rob Ford agenda

OCAP challenges the Rob Ford agenda |
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As Rob Ford began his first day as the new mayor of Toronto, OCAP
wasted no time in accusing him of embarking upon a Mike Harris agenda.

“It’s going to happen on an enormous scale and it’s
going to happen very, very rapidly,” said John Clarke, an organizer
with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), during Wednesday’s
rally at City Hall.

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Give Rob Ford and his new council the welcome they deserve
Ford personally complained to the College of Physicians and Surgeons to try and prevent Dr. Roland Wong providing the Special Diet to people in poverty. The basic needs of poor people in this city forced to try to survive on inadequate OW/ODSP rates were are un-affordable in his eyes. However, the cops can expect a whole reservoir of gravy from Rob Ford
In his campaign speeches and his public statements, Ford has called for cuts to fair wages, a dismantling of the already inaccessible public transit
system, supported Toronto's police brutality during the G20, and repeatedly expressed racist anti-immigrant sentiments and outright hatred for poor people.

While claiming to speak on behalf of the 'majority', Ford actually believes in a Toronto for the few. He believes in a Toronto divided into suburbs and the downtown. A Toronto divided into streetcar riders, bikers and drivers. A Toronto divided into immigrants, refugees and citizens. A Toronto where the homeless are driven out of sight as social housing is sold off to developers. A Toronto where police budgets grow and cops act with impunity. A Toronto that is open for business, but closed for the public.

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