Thursday, 16 December 2010

Miller vs. Ford: Who Excluded Whom?

Miller vs. Ford: Who Excluded Whom? « Spacing Toronto
As you can see from the make-up of the exec. budget and TTC committees formed by Miller and now formed by Ford, Miller INcluded councillors of ALL the areas of Toronto on all the committees. But, Rob Ford has EXcluded councillors from Toronto & East York District on all of these 3 committees.

Doesn't seem like a very smart move on Ford's part if he wants to govern properly by representing all the city and including input from all the city.

Adam Vaughan on Metro Morning: "It's not an ideological thing, or a cultural thing," Vaughan told Metro Morning.
 "It's just that the lived experience of people who live in particular
parts of the city are what comprise our civic intelligence and our
institutional memory.  And if they've chosen not to have that around the's gonna be a difficult time to work together, not on
ideological issues...but just on how to manage the physical realities of
Toronto. You need everyone's input to make good, smart decisions."

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