Thursday 9 December 2010

Rob Ford voted 3 times in support of Transit City

Ford cast three votes in favour of LRT strategy - The Globe and Mail
June 16-19, 2007: City council unanimously adopts a
broad climate-change strategy that encompasses a range of measures such
as energy retrofits, renewable energy projects and tree planting, as
well as a sustainable transportation plan that includes Transit City,
among other moves. Mr. Ford votes in favour of the plan.

Nov. 14, 2007:
TTC receives staff report confirming
that the proposed Transit City lines satisfy range of evaluation
criteria and decides to move ahead with first four priority projects –
Finch West, Eglinton Crosstown, Sheppard East and the Scarborough Rapid
Transit replacement. The report is forwarded to city council and the
Greater Toronto Transportation Authority (now Metrolinx).

The report says it is “premature” to draw conclusions about community
and political support for Transit City, but notes that TTC staff has
received “strong support” from city councillors for Etobicoke-Finch LRT.
As well, the report notes, “All City councillors through whose ward the
Sheppard East light rail line would pass, have expressed strong support
for proceeding with this line.”

Jan. 28, 2009: During a debate on subway expansion,
council votes to ask Metrolinx to prioritize a “downtown relief line”
while acknowledging that Transit City remains the “first priority” for
the TTC and the City. Mr. Ford votes in favour.

Nov. 30, 2009: City council approves Eglinton LRT
environmental assessment study by a 37-1 vote (Ms. Stintz votes in
favour; Mr. Ford votes against)

Jan. 26, 2010: City council approves Finch West LRT
environmental assessment study by 40-2 vote (Ms. Stintz votes in favour;
Mr. Ford votes against)

June 8, 2010:
City council approves conversion of Scarborough RT to LRT by a vote of 38-1 (both Mr. Ford and Ms. Stintz vote in favour).

Note: Nov 30, 2009 - How was Rob Ford representing his constituents by voting against a rapid transit line into/through Etobicoke?

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