Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sheppard Subway vs Transit City - Do the Math Rob

Sheppard subway extension: A quarter the stops for three times the cost - The Globe and Mail
During the campaign, and now, the numbers haven't really changed. Rob Ford wants to cancel a huge network of rapid transit across Toronto, connecting thousands of people, and replace this with a few new stops on the Sheppard subway line - a line that has been carrying less people than the Spadina-Harbourfront streetcar.

Ford seems to think he has a mandate to halt progress and waste money. If you voted for Ford, is this what you voted for?

Read the article. Do the math. Write to Ford and your councillor and say Yes to Transit City and No to Ford's plan of failure.

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daveberta said...

It's a shame that Toronto's new Mayor is trying to stop Transit City. Even as just a concept, it is an ambitious plan.

Question: How are progressive Torontians preparing to defend these kind of sustainable public transit plans?