Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ford's war on public transit and bicycles has begun

‘War on the car is over’: Ford moves transit underground -
Rob Ford plans to cancel the Transit City plan, which would have connected a lot of the car-driving suburbanites with the rest of the city (which would have lowered the amount of cars on the congested roads of Toronto).

And we know Rob's attitude toward cyclists - that they should not be on city streets. I think we can expect to see a reduction in bicycle lanes and bike-friendly initiatives.

The new mayor also plans on removing streetcars and replacing them with buses (a more costly and less efficient move in regards to public transit, but buses are easier for cars to navigate around).

With public transit progress halted, and services made worse, and the streets made less safe for cyclists, there will be more cars on the road and even more traffic congestion and more pollution. And, the cancellation of Transit City, and using buses instead of streetcars will cost the city immensely.
How is this a good thing Rob?

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