Sunday, 27 February 2011

Harper government supports gross incompetance and rape

Canadian Soapbox: More on Conservative appointed judge who let rapist walk the street...
Harper appointed someone to the position of judge whose experience was only with corporate law and litigation, not criminal law. Now that judge is letting men who sexually assault or rape women go free.
Does the Harper government support rape, or, was his appointment of Dewar just gross incompetence?


Simon said...

hi imagine if the Cons get five more years and start appointing judges to the Supreme Court.
Oh well. At least it's good campaign material to make Canadians think twice before they vote.
BTW. I have to thank you for sticking it to Mayor Frod. I should be doing that too, but every time I see that grotesque idiot, I groan with despair, and have to go lie down. So keep up the good work !! :)

P.S. If you have that excellent list of HarperCon crimes against Canada could you please put it in your sidebar? I intend to refer to it a LOT during the election campaign. ;)

Thor said...

Hi Simon.
Thanks. Ford and his supporters get me so steamed. He is doing all the things that he said he would do, to destroy Toronto, that people that I know who voted for him didn't think he would do. "Oh, give him a chance and wait and see you fascist commie left-winger." Well, here we are. We've waited and seen and, oh goodness, us lefties were right. Ford is wrecking everything.
I would tell them I told you so, but it is pointless.
One interesting thing of note is the results of my two polls. The first leading result was that, yes, Ford will end up destroying what makes Toronto great. The other: Most people actually want Transit City, not Ford's ridiculous transit plan (serving few for much more money, that no one is offering to pay.)

I've posted the link to that list in my sidebar. When an election is announced, I'll add more (that I've been collecting since) and re-post it.