Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rob Ford hones his skill at not answering simple direct questions

What It Sounds Like When Rob Ford Answers Questions at Council - Torontoist
Transcript of 5 minutes of council meeting - Joe Mihevic asks if one of Rob's campaign promises was to cut water efficiency programs, yes or no. Rob spews out his campaign talking points, but never answers the question.

We are doomed.

A Facebook comment on this news item:
would say "Un-f*cking-believable" but it is Rob Ford, so I believe that
this is how he acts and will act as mayor. Anyone who expected
otherwise (like the Oh-just-wait-and-give-him-a-ch
ance people), please jump off a cliff now so we don't get this ass voted in again in 4 years time.

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Zorpheous said...

It's like trying to catch a greased pig,... oooo now there's a photoshop idea,...