Friday 11 February 2011

Shades of the Mike Harris Agenda

Doug Ford denies 'get a job' quip during protest -

Standing on a hallway desk, OCAP leader John Clarke denounced
council’s proposed cuts to bus routes and Mayor Ford’s privatization
plans, saying Ford was advocating a “re-run of the Mike Harris agenda.”

Other protesters criticized federal cuts to immigration settlement
services — council voted not to write a letter to the federal government
protesting those cuts — and an alleged shortage of beds in homeless
shelters. City spokesperson Rob Andrusevich said no such shortage

“This year they’re only delivering the first blow,” Clarke said.
“Much worse is to come. The vision that Ford has of this city is a
police force and a few privatized services operated by non-unionized
cheap labour. If we’re gonna stop that, we better fight . . . if you
don’t fight back, they will crush you.”

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