Monday 21 February 2011

Where's the Gravy Rob (again)?

Looking for the gravy -
Rob Ford is not finding any gravy train (anything near like he said there was).
Of course I knew that there wasn't any gravy train, and those of you with any intelligence at all knew that. As for the rest of you...


Worse, with every cut, the mayor seems to add more pressure. Since
taking office, Ford has added more than $100 million to the bottom line
by killing the vehicle registration tax and promising a property tax
freeze in 2011.

To balance his first $9.4 billion operating budget this year, the
mayor relied on $230 million in revenue windfalls and then depleted the
city’s surplus and reserve funds — a combined $370 million — to avoid
major service cuts.

Ford only needed to find $57 million in efficiencies to make the
numbers work. But next year, he will need to come up with $774 million
to balance his books. And with all of the city’s emergency savings
spent, the mayor has no safety net.

“I have no idea what they can do. All I know is they have taken a
problem we were starting to manage and made it much, much worse,” said
Councillor Gord Perks, a key player in former mayor David Miller’s
administration. “Rob Ford sold Torontonians on a fantasy. He argued that
money comes down to city hall and vanishes, and it’s simply not true.”

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Kirbycairo said...

To quote Nelson from The Simpsons, "Ha Ha."