Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stephen Harper's worst enemy

Straight Goods - Stephen Harper's worst enemy - When Ministers lie and deceive, they do so at the Prime Minister's orders.
... is himself.
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Hold on — we're somewhere between Russia and the good old Canada of
yore? That's some accomplishment in five years. Look at Stephen
Harper's record.

  • He silences whistle-blowers and punishes dissenters.
  • He treats Parliament with open contempt and brazenly lies when found out.
  • He suspends Parliament at the first sign of political risk.
  • He makes a mockery of the accountability and transparency he loudly demands of everyone else.
  • He makes lying to parliament just another tactical device.
  • He fakes his budgets by refusing to cost new initiatives.
  • He transforms vital watchdogs of democracy into mushy lapdogs.
  • He unleashes ministers to attack judges who make unwelcome decisions.
  • He personalizes attacks on his "enemies".
  • He blithely smears other parties, groups and individuals as anti-Semitic.
  • He is impervious to the democratic spirit that has galvanized hundreds of millions of people to stand up for freedom.
  • He makes major economic decisions on the basis of their impact on his electoral fortunes.

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