Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rob Ford: Reckless and irresponsible

Ford unfazed by looming budget hole - The Globe and Mail
“We talk about what’s in front of us,” Mr. Ford said. “You can’t talk
about 2014 or 2015. We’re talking about 2011 and that’s before us, and
that’s the proper procedures before council. … I’m only focused on

For a mayor, this is totally irresponsible. To not be planning ahead is to be asking for trouble in the future. We know that Ford is doing this so that next year he can say "Oh, look, we are short all this money. Okay. I guess we'll have to cut all these services and programs that make Toronto a great city to live in.

There is no Gravy Train. Ford just wants to slash all the services so there are few left. Same thing Mike Harris did. Same thing Stephen Harper is doing. Destroy.

Councillor Gord Perks, who tried unsuccessfully to pass a property-tax
increase, argued Mr. Ford is setting the city up for a slash-and-burn
exercise to balance next year’s books.

“It’s reckless and irresponsible, what he’s doing.”

Toronto Star: Council rejects 2011 tax hike, will consider one for 2012


Challenging Mayor Rob Ford’s pledge to freeze taxes for 2011, Councillor Gord Perks on Wednesday proposed an increase of 0.16 per cent in residential taxes — amounting to less than $5 for the average homeowner — and 0.052 per cent in non-residential taxes.

The twin hikes, he said, would have raised $3.5 million, enough to prevent many of the proposed cuts to TTC bus routes, keep a threatened library branch open, and allow for enhancements to student nutrition and anti-bedbug programs.


Councillor Joe Mihevc told Ford that the tax freeze, the elimination of the $60 vehicle tax and the depletion of reserves would “basically make it almost impossible to balance the books next year.”

Rob Ford's Gravy Train amount: $3.5 milliion (not hiking property taxes by a small amount)

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Just weight until Jabba the Ford tries use his Jedi Mind trick and tries to trim the fat with a light saber.