Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rob Ford's new TTC subway fantasy

Newsstand: February 17, 2011 - Torontoist
Rob Ford's really maybe if seventeen unlikely things fall into place doing it: the mayor's office put together a private financing proposal for the Sheppard subway extension.
City hallers speaking on behalf of the mayor say he doesn't want to
burden tax payers with the cost of a subway, so he's proposing private
investors foot the bill in return for a cut of future development in the
area. But critics, like Shelley Carroll (Ward 33,
Don Valley East), charge that development along Sheppard would have to
be dense and tall—radically changing the existing neighbourhoods—if the
plan is to work, not to mention that there would still be pesky
repayments to those private investors. Design, building, and (maybe)
maintenance would all be handled by the private party. No word on who
that party might be, or what else we can sucker them into doing for us
in return for as yet non-existent money.

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