Saturday, 7 April 2012

4th Poll In A Month Has NDP Tied With Conservatives

A Léger Marketing poll for The Gazette and Le Devoir April 2-4 shows the following support among decided voters:
NDP 33%
Conservatives 32%
Liberals 19%
Green 8%
[Bloc not listed but most likely about 6-7% nationally]

In Quebec:
NDP 47% (up 4 points since the election - up 19 points here since Thomas Mulcair was elected NDP leader)
Bloc 29%
Conservatives 10%
Liberals 10%

Which of the party leaders would make the best Prime Minister?:
don't know/refused 38%
Stephen Harper 25%
Thomas Mulcair 20%
Bob Rae 12%
Elizabeth May 5%

This is the 4th poll in a month that has the NDP and Conservatives tied (See here and here).

“We see that support for the Conservatives is ... down nearly eight points since the last election,” he said. “So it’s a fairly significant drop for them.”
The Conservatives’ tumble began a couple of months ago, he said, adding the timing coincides with public discontent over such things as revelations of fraudulent robocalls pretending to come from Elections Canada and, just this week, revelations of a major cost overrun in the F-35 fighter jet program that was kept quiet before the last election.
The NDP finds its strongest support in three regions: Quebec, the Atlantic provinces and British Columbia. 
Not only has support for the Conservatives dropped nationally since last year’s election victory, the Léger poll also finds that support for the NDP in Quebec has rebounded “in spectacular fashion” since January – beyond even its 2011 election results – since the party chose Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair as its new leader in late March. Support for the party has shot up 19 points since January, Dallaire said.
The NDP scores 47 per cent of support in Quebec in this poll, which is higher than the party’s 42.9 per cent share of the vote in the province in the 2011 election. 

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