Thursday 19 April 2012

kirbycairo: Why I don't Believe in a Merger. . . . .

kirbycairo: Why I don't Believe in a Merger. . . . .: I don't think I am naive. Nor am I ignorant of contemporary or historical political issues; I have made a careful study of political philoso...

Great post by Kirbycairo. Click the link above to read the whole thing.

I've never really understood the push for a merger either. Here we have 2 very different political parties - very different views, policies, ideals and values. I think those all for it from the Liberal side of things see it as a way to grow the Liberal party back up, and destroy the NDP. No other explanation makes much sense. The NDP was a thorn in the backside of the Liberals for so long, but now the NDP is the rising star and the Liberals are in the dog house. The Liberals are pissed and they want back in the sand box. What better way than to cheat their way in by promoting merging with a party who they claim to be like, but are so unlike in practice.

Those who claim they would like to see a merger between the NDP and the Liberals for the purpose of defeating the Harper Conservatives are very short-sighted.  You can't run a successful government solely on a negative aspect. There have to be other goals besides defeating an enemy. And the goals of the NDP and the Liberals differ almost as much as the NDP and the Conservatives. So, a merger between the NDP and the Liberals would never succeed in the long run.

Considering the record of the Liberals over the past 5 years, you would think there would be more talk of a merger between the Conservatives and the Liberals. 

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