Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New NDP Ad Released

See the ad here:

Toronto Star: New NDP TV ad emphasizes continuity over change
“Throughout his public life, Tom Mulcair has a proven track-record of fighting for people,” said NDP National Director Chantal Vallerand in a statement. “These ads will help reach out to all those Canadians who have been abandoned by the Conservative government. Our message is quite simply that unlike Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair will fight for you.”

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Skinny Dipper said...

While Tom Mulcair may seem low key, this ad is not about Tom Mulcair. It's about targeted voters. The men look rugged and hardworking; the women look caring and suburban. Mr. Mulcair has that boardroom look. He definitely doesn't look like a union-boss. The message I get is that Tom Mulcair's NDP will be after Conservative voters.