Wednesday 21 March 2007

Dog Poop Too Much For Canada Post

This story on the CBC site today reminds me of walking to school in the spring when I was a kid. As the snow and ice melted off the sidewalks, they would be covered with dog poop. You would have to choose your footing around the ice, snow, puddles and turds. Nice. Shovels and a little dog training here people.


Anonymous said...

When I worked at the blood bank I used to walk past a stretch of grass next to the TGH parking lot. It was always covered in dog shit. The people who lived in the condos next door would always let their dogs stop there during their daily walks, I never once saw somebody clean up afterwards.

It's way worse than the parks or lawns in the area. My theory is that the only difference is the lack of signs saying "Pick up after your dog." So you know, if it doesn't say you have to, then in this one spot it must be ok...

Thor said...

it figures. First comment I get on my new blog is about dog shit.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of pansies the mailcarriers in that area are. While disgusting, I cannot believe they cannot suck it up for thirteen houses.

My mail carrier can never seem to get the addresses down, everything is late, and now I have to worry about whether my neighbours are clean enough for him so I can get my mail?

And what about that fiasco a few months ago, where the postal workers disagreed with the type of mail being sent out? They walked out. What's going to tick them off next and cause them to hold our mail hostage?

I say if they don't deliver the mail, they should be fired. Plain and simple. If this happened in any other job, it would not be tolerated.