Friday 30 March 2007

Election - Me Too Please!

Heather Mallick, a regular at, has a great post this week: I Want My Election Now!

I too would like an election sooner than later as I am disgusted with Harper's gutting of Canada. And, I'm worried about the direction Harper is taking Canada, especially in terms of Americanization and foreign policy. We are now no longer a Peacekeeper nation but a Warmaking nation. That is not my Canada.

Although the MSM says that none of the parties wants, or should want an election now as none are doing well in the polls, I say hogwash! I think if an election is called, regardless of who calls it, that the evidence will then come out during the campaign to show how the Conservatives have been very bad for Canada, and how the Liberals have not been much better.

What choices are there then? Obvious: vote for the party with the policies and platform you most agree with. Vote NDP.

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