Thursday 29 March 2007

Peace in the Middle East - Not In Our Lifetime

I was reading this post on Far and Wide, and decided to leap into the fray with my take on the Israel/Palestine issue. I'm sure some will call me antisemitic for my comments, but I am not making any comments whatsoever about race, religion or ethnicity. My only comment is about human rights and an end to violence and the mind-set of the people involved that anyone can see who has studied the history of the situation. That said, read Far & Wide's post, then mine below.

This issue has been commented on for years by thousands of people from all perspectives. Anyone who criticizes the human-rights and international law abuses of the Israelis gets called antisemitic. But the fact remains that Israel does not care what the world thinks and will continue its current course of action (as proved by their actions - read on). Sure there are a lot of people in Israel who want to do the right thing regarding peace and the Palestinians. But there are not enough of these people. The right-wing extremists have a stranglehold on the government, so the government will continue to work towards ignoring the world and the plight of the Palestinians and continue their apartheid and genocide against the Palestinians.

Israel DOES endorse infinite hostility. If you look at what they have done and how they have acted regarding settlements in Palestine, treatment of Palestinians, and their disdain for international law, their hypocrisy regarding their nuclear arsenal, and their treatment of their neighbours (recently in Lebanon), you will see that they have no intention of making peace. They want nothing more than to completely erase the Palestinian people from Palestine and take over all the land and resources for themselves. They will continue to act like they want peace to keep the international community appeased, but they will not work towards it and will continue to blame the failure of the process on terrorists, the UN and the Arab community in general.

And remember, when Israel was a new growing nation, it used terrorism against Palestine (before an all-out war), (and then they cry foul when Palestinians use terrorism against them). Yes, terrorism is terrible and wrong. But STATE-supported terrorism (as practiced by the Israeli army and government for decades) against the Palestinian people is on a far larger scale with a much higher resulting body count.

The only way we will see peace between Israel and Palestine is if the US fully withdraws support from Israel in every way and forces Israel to make peace. And, this will not happen, so the violence will continue.


Anonymous said...

Maybe preferably that US forces Palestine to make peace?
Or it's something unreally? ;-)

Thor said...

Palestine and the Arab world have repeatedly been offering up peace proposals, very reasonable ones (like, for the Israelis to leave the occupied Palestinian lands) and the Israelis have continually turned down all offers. It is not the Palestinians who need to be made to make peace.

Anonymous said...

The current state of Israel was formed because England decided to play both sides against each other during the world war .... promising the land to both the Israelis and the Palestinians in exchange for their help during the war. So, each felt they had not only religious rights to the land, but political ones as well. And each waited with anticipation for the land to be handed over to them.
But surprise, the carpet was pulled out from under the palestinians as it always has been ... and given to the Israelis with the british blessing.

The British, of course, trying to save their reputation, took sides and demonized the palestinians.

With the US taking much direction from Britain, it isn't any wonder that North America still falls into the media bias toward Israel.
Just look at the buddy-buddy system Britian and the US shared when entering Iraq.

The truth is, the Israelis admit that they took the land from the palestinians thousands of years ago. The just believe it was ordained by God, and therefore were entitled to do it.

How does that make them any different than the palestinians? It doesn't, except that the palestinians can prove they had the land first.