Tuesday 20 March 2007

Government Could Fall On The Environment

As reported in the Toronto Star, the 3 oppositions parties have finally got together and tabled amendments to the Clean Air Act.

The original act proposed to set goals of 40 to 60 percent emissions reductions (from today's levels) by 2050 (43 years from now!).

The amendments put forth by the opposition parties agree on the Kyoto target of a 6 percent cut in greenhouse emissions from 1990 levels by 2012, and also a 25 per cent cut by 2020, and an 80 per cent cut by 2050.

Right after the amendments were tabled, the Conservative government canceled the following committee meeting. The deadline for this committee to report back to parliament is March 30th.

So, sometime in early April we could see the government falling on a confidence vote (IF the government calls the vote a confidence vote).

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