Wednesday 21 March 2007

More On The Budget

More analysis of the Budget in this article in the Toronto Star

A striking number of Canadians actually won't benefit from much of what is promised in this budget. As alluring as tax cuts are, many Canadians are starting to connect the dots: A tax cut today means service cuts tomorrow.

And another one from the Star.

So who loses?
First, anyone who would rather have strong national safety nets than yearly gifts from Ottawa.

Second, anyone who believes that 32 million Canadians can achieve more collectively than individually.

Third, anyone who thinks equitable social services are part of the glue that holds this country together.

Fourth, anyone who gets frustrated by the procrastination and leakage that occur when money gets passed from one bureaucracy to another.

Fifth, anyone who can't compete in the marketplace for child care, housing or a job that pays enough to support a family.

And finally, anyone who looks to Ottawa for leadership on the big issues facing the nation.

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Anonymous said...

The only real worthy benefit that came out of this budget is the proposed RDSP, a savings plan akin to RESP's, but for children who are disabled.

Those who have witnessed the fear and worry of parents with disabled children, know the anxiety about the approaching years when they are no longer around to care for these children into adulthood and beyond. Something like this will help them in the long term.

On an aside, I especially like how the liberals presented their plan to increase the minimum wage to over ten dollars as their own .... and many think it is reasonable. Yet, when the NDP was fighting for this ... oh, just a month ago, it was going to be the collapse of the entire economic structure of Canada.

Sorry, had to vent, heard this news while watching the budget on tv the other day.