Tuesday 27 March 2007

Ethanol Fallout - about to rear it's ugly head?

As I've mentioned before, ethanol, while it seems like a good idea, especially as the politicos and media paint it, has its downside.
- the pollution created to grow and process it almost defeats its purpose of being cleaner than gasoline
- and then there is the negative effect it has on food supplies, as mentioned here. Large tracts of land reserved for growing food crops, switched to grow more profitable fuel crops - thus driving up the cost of food (which is deadly for the world's poor - which is most of the world).

The technology is here to make cars that are WAY more efficient than what they are making - as evidenced by the various home car hackers out there souping up their cars to get things like 100-300 miles/gallon - 1, 2, 3, and many other sources - check out Green Car Congress too.

Bring back the electric car.

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