Thursday 15 March 2007

The NDP do NOT support the Conservative government!

Why do the MSM and many of the Blogosphere insist that the federal NDP are supporting the Conservative government? Bad or non-existent press is one thing, but lies are another. The NDP are NOT propping up the Conservatives.

If you look at the voting record of the NDP since the last federal election, you will find that it has been the Bloc and the Liberals who have been supporting the Conservatives. The NDP have voted against the Conservatives on every single confidence motion, as well as many other votes.

Also, the deal with the committee to improve the Clean Air act: The NDP threatened to bring down the government if it didn't agree to an all party committee to work on improving this act. The Conservatives caved in and agreed to allow this committee to go forward. The NDP's aim for this committee is to improve the act so it complies with Kyoto and more. But the Liberals and Bloc have been dragging their feet on the committee (Dion is playing a political game here in order to keep the environmental focus away from Jack and the NDP, who have always had the best environmental record of all the parties, and on him, who supposedly had a good record on the environment as a minister, but really didn't - but the MSM won't say that).

Many say that this committee means that Jack Layton and the NDP are supporting the Conservatives and that if the Conservatives decide to, in the end, re-introduce a new Clean Air act that does NOT comply with Kyoto and is still watered down, then the NDP will support it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Jack has continually stated that unless the act is cleaned up and goes far enough, then the NDP won't support it.

Wouldn't it be interesting if the MSM and the MSBlogoshpere actually spoke the truth and went on about why should Canadians vote for the Liberals and Bloc since they just support the Conservatives and their draconian goals?

The only real alternative now is the federal NDP. Stop pandering to the MSM and lies and look at the voting records and the actual policies of the parties.

Here is a recent interview with Jack Layton from The Tyee
In it, you can see he deals with issues I speak of above:

We have voted for an election on every opportunity since the last one. So I love this line about us being in bed. Boy if that's being in bed, it's a heck of a relationship. Who supported them the first time? The Bloc, on the budget. If the government had been brought down on the budget last March then Canadian politics would be a very different right now.

the Bloc kept them in power twice already, on softwood lumber and on the budget and the Liberals made sure there were enough Liberals voting for the Afghanistan mission, which was also a confidence motion...We said no.


susansmith said...

And if you follow the links from there, it takes you an interview with Jack and who really supports the prompting up of the conservative govt: Bloc and Liberals.
Next, it links to another Tyee article that gives 10 reasons to vote NDP.

Unknown said...

The income trust vote was a confidence measure and the NDP supported it.

They also saved the government's "Clean Air Act" from dying

Thor said...


The NDP were not the only ones to support Income Trust. And, if you look at the voting patterns overall, you will see that the Bloc and Liberals have supported the Conservatives far more than the NDP have supported them.

And, regarding the Clean Air act - as I stated above, the NDP did not and do not support the original act. They ONLY support a cleaned up and reasonable act after it goes through the committee and ONLY if they like what it becomes. If they don't like it, they won't support the finished product. The NDP is trying (unlike the other parties) to get a good environmental bill produced that will be good for the environment and Canadians and comply with Kyoto and better.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been following the ins and outs of who is keeping this minority government alive, partly because there's a lot of misdirection going on, especially from the Tories. From my point of view, much as I dislike Harper, I just don't want another election so soon after the last two.

But I was extremely disappointed at Jack Layton, a politician I've supported for decades, for being so instrumental in getting Harper into power. That was extremely counterproductive.

Thor said...


I guess you weren't paying attention during the last election too. Jack was not instrumental in getting the Conservatives elected. The Liberals lost a non-confidence vote because they were not governing according to the wishes of the majority of parliament.

And then, the Canadian voters were the ones who voted in the Conservatives.

If you want to blame anyone for the Conservatives governing now, look at the Liberals poor governance last session, and the change of mind of the Canadian people.