Tuesday 27 March 2007

No Smoking In Apartment Buildings! Yay!

New story in the Toronto Star about looking at banning smoking in some apartment buildings.
Mine please! Then maybe I could breath air instead of gasping for air.

Some 64 per cent of respondents to the poll said they would prefer a smoke-free building over one where smoking was permitted, while 46 per cent of apartment dwellers said smoke from their neighbours had seeped into their units.

I hear ya! I'm surrounded by chain-smokers and the building is built like a sieve. The smoke just pours in. I plug all the cracks I can find and it still gets in.

However, I do agree that if they could change the building code to make landlords deal with the cracks and holes that allow smoke to travel freely throughout the building into other apartments, then, that would be better in terms of privacy. You should be able to consume whatever poison you want in your own home (as long as it doesn't leak into another person's home and poison them too!). However, banning of smoking could be good for other people who live with chain-smokers who don't smoke.

And another story from the Star March 28th.

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